Things to Consider before Buying a Home

What are your needs and wants?

Do you need an extra bathroom? A fenced backyard? Lower utility bills? Do you want a fireplace? A finished basement? Once you’ve made your list of both needs and wants, decide what’s important to you.

What style of home?

The style of home and property that you choose should reflect your lifestyle and budget. Many people prefer a single-detached two-storey home because it usually provides more living space and property.  But perhaps one-level living better fits with your needs or a condominium, with its emphasis on maintenance-free living.

What is your preferred location?

Your choice of location may be limited by what you can afford, as location is one of the most significant influences on the value of your home. Given this, make certain that you consider such things as distance to work, public transportation, schools, churches, heath care and shopping.

Spend some time driving and walking around the communities and neighbourhoods that you like. Stop and talk with some of the people who live there.  Who better to tell you what the neighbourhood is really like?

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